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PostSubject: Elizabeth Brittney Christina Marie Salvatore   Elizabeth Brittney Christina Marie Salvatore EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 8:49 pm

Basic Information

Name: Elizabeth Brittney Christina Marie Salvatore
--Nickname: Eli, Liz, Lizzy, Salvatore Barbie
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 16-20
Actual Age: 18
Species: Witch

Personality: Eli has this unnatural ability to forgive someone and to see past the top layer that they give off. She is sweet, kind, funny and loving. She is both mentally and physically strong. She has this total feel that life is to complicated and that people need to slow down and enjoy lifes sweetest and precious moments. Nothing can ruin her unless...

Dont mess with her family. If you dare touch a hair on their head or look at them the wrong way; you might be saying your prayers.

Character Background

History: When Elizabeth was born, her mother left not wanting to rasie a child. Even though Zach Salvatore did not want to have a family, he kept his daughter and rasied her in Mystic Falls. Since then she has stayed in the Boarding house living a normal life untill the day she turned 12.

When she was 12 she saw blood around her uncle's, Stefan Salvatore, mouth. That was the day she learned about the Vampire world. She lived normally as she could after that untill Zach was killed by Damon. Then she was placed in her uncles care. Now that she is 16, all she wants to do is pretend that vampire's dont exist because of her longing to become one.

Well turns out Salvatore Barbie was born a supernatural. While being attack by a vampire, She was able to slow him down or inflict pain on him for just enough time to stake him. She had been confused, while running home, she kept her hands as fists. When she ran to her room, she shut the door. It felt like everything was shaking. As glass broke she sat up against the door, covering her head. Then as soon as everything started, it stopped. After one hour of clean up and two phone calls later, her paternal grandmother informed her: she was a witch.

Now with the gloom and doom of the twon, she has self taught herself the magic she knows through spell books from the mid to late 1800s. So while keeping up with the supernatural hub-ub of the town, she also finds ways to learn and learn new magic.

RP Sample: Story: I needed help writing a fan fic of a soldier coming home in the TVD fandom and so I thought why not use a site canon pairing for that job.

Elizabeth had been sitting at the manison, looking at the ring she had adorn her left ring finger for the past 100 years. Kol, her loving husband and one true love, had decided to enlist in the U.S Military; Marin division; and had been away from his family for over a year. Since the two got married, Eli had been thinking about having a family. Its impossible for vampires to procreate, so it was plan B. Adoption. The couple adopted twins, a boy and a girl, 17 years ago. The town had been compelled to see a slightly older couple than what the two actually looked like. Their children knew what they were and what they looked like. Eli was going to wait to turn her children in a few years, that is if they desired to become one of them.

Elizabeth had been in the kitchen, preparing supper for that night. Steak, mashed patatoes, and mixed vegetables. The kitchen had faced the rear of the Estate. She had been seeking hope for today, hope that maybe she would see her husband face to face soon. They had skyped, emailed, called and sent messages to each other for weeks on end. ut he hadnt been responding within the past week. She wondered what had been going on, hoping he was alright. He should have been, but you never knew if someone had known your biggest secert, your biggest downfall.

Oc Information

Name: Eli, Liz
Age: 18
Expierence in Rping: 3-5 years (Lost count) Tons of Admin and Moderation expierence
How Did You Find Us?: From the Wonderful Admin
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Elizabeth Brittney Christina Marie Salvatore
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