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 Maria Franschesca Leona De la Rosa

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Marie Rose
Marie Rose

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PostSubject: Maria Franschesca Leona De la Rosa   Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:27 pm

Basic Information

Name: Maria De la Rosa
--Nickname: Mary Rose
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 19
Actual Age: 600
Species: Vampire

Personality: Maria is someone who you dont want to mess with. She can seduce you to give her stuff without compulsing. She can become hot headed too. When she loses her temper, its best to not be in her way. She is the reason the chupacabra myths rose about. She went on a spree of killing cattle when she was caught in the act of killing a human. She can be loving but can also be a backstabbing bitch. Like he distant relative Katerina Petrova.

Character Background

History: Maria was born 600 years ago. She was a seducing woman at the age of 19. She would seduce men at the local bar and then take their money as well as kill them, earning the nickname "La Rosa Roja", meaning the red rose. One day when she seduced one man, she fell in love. She didnt think about killing him. When they got married, he did something that would change her life. He turned her into a Vampire. She hated him for that and ran away. For 100 years, Maria fed on animals after she was banned from the village after killing a human. She mainly focused on cow blood and henced was nicknamed "The Chupcabra or Cow Sucker.' People who caught her eye would mistake her speed for the speed of a animal. When she was done with her spree of cattle killing, she ran into Niklaus Mikaelson. Who believed she was Katerina Petrova. She told him she wasnt Katherine but he didnt believe her. He tried to take her but she ran once again. He never found her. When she learnt of a settlement in the north for supernaturals known as Mystic Falls, She ran in hope of safety. When she got there, she was aware of the drama but as long as it kept her off the rader, she stayed ever since.

RP Sample: Maria yanked the door off its hinges and threw it at Klaus who broke the door with his hands at little costs. "What do you want with me?!" She screamed as she sped outside only to be greeted by a stake which punctured her stomach, incapicating her. She woke up in the Originals mansion celler screaming for help and using super strength to bang on the door.
Oc Information

Name: Marcus
Age: 18
Expierence in Rping: 8 years (im a nerd lol)
How Did You Find Us?: founder of this site lol
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Maria Franschesca Leona De la Rosa
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