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Katherine Pierce

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 Katherine Pierce Application

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PostSubject: Katherine Pierce Application   Katherine Pierce Application EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 9:00 pm

Basic Information

Name: Katerina Petrova, Katherine Pierce
--Nickname: Kat
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 18
Actual Age: 538
Species: Vampire

"We manipulate, we thirst for power, we control, we punish, but our actions are driven by one singular place deep inside. We're alone, and we hate it."
Katherine seems to be someone that is always looking out for herself and for everyone else around her it seems like she would use anybody to get what she wants. She is ambitious and very independent, and she never stays back to get the things she needs or she really wants. Katherine is also described as very head strong and it always looks like nobody really knows what is going on in her head and inside of her, because she manages to have her adorable smile and her charming side always as her pokerface. But her personality is much more complex than this. Even though she seems to put herself in first place, she has times when her humanity is stronger than her.
Especially regarding to her past and the fact that Klaus slaughtered her entire family just for revenge, she shows her sentimental and emotional side and you can see that she might be someone that can get hurt like anyone else.
Even though she is always described as egoistic and self centered "bitch", she shows very often that she is capable of caring about others. For example her relationship with Damon, when she tells him right in his face that she never loved him, but then offered her help more than once and even brought him Klaus' blood after he was bitten by Tyler, she could have ran away to save herself from Klaus, which she did not in first place.
Her strong will to survive and her heightened sense of protecting herself made her excellent in developing plans and ideas that keep her away from danger, but when she takes a risk, it must be really important and well planned as well, which shows that she is very intelligent.

Character Background

History: Katerina Petrova was born as oldest daughter of a wealthy family in Bulgaria in June 5th 1473. She was a charming girl, that loved to have fun and being independent. But when she was 18 she became pregnant by an unknown man and her family disowned her for bringing shame on the entire family. Her daughter was given away, because her father claimed it was the best for everyone they would not see each other ever again. Devastated and deeply hurt, Katerina was send to England, where she took the name that she would use from then on: Katherine Pierce.
In 1490, she met Trevor who introduced her to Lord Elijah and his mysterious brother Klaus, who seemed to be very interested in young Katherine. Later on she found out why: They were vampires and she the doppelganger of Tatia, so they needed her for the ritual where she had to be the sacrifice for. Katherine managed to escape, using Trevors love to get her away from there, but Rose held her hostage to take her back to Klaus, so they would not get killed by him. She did not know what would follow, when Katherine hung herself. unfortunately having Roses blood in her system, after Rose tried to heal her before.
She later returned to Bulgaria and found her entire family left in a blood bath, which showed that Klaus was never going to be generous enough to forgive that she ran away.
In 1864, she arrived in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Before she met Pearl and her daughter Anna, and they became very good friends. Also she had Emily Bennett and saved her life, putting Emily in her debt because of that. She was taken in by one of the founder, Giuseppe Salvatore, after she told him that she was an orphan that lost her entire family in a fire. Katherine soon met Stefan and fell in love with him, though she quickly began a physical relationship with his older brother Damon.
During her time in Mystic Falls, Katherine had created quite a few vampires, which alarmed Honoria Fell, who wanted Pearl to sell vervain in the pharmacy shop. Pearl warned Katherine, but she did not want to leave before having Damon and Stefan turned into vampires as well.
Guiseppe guessed her true identity and put vervain in Stefan's drink who later that night was bitten by Katherine.
Damon went later in to rescue her and Stefan feeling guilt about that, helped him. Both were being shot by their own father, while trying to save Katherine's life. She managed to escape once again, already having figured out a plan with a Lockwood.
Centuries later she returned to Mystic Falls, and no one really seems to know why, but Katherine sure has a plan again. But she will never show her cards to anyone.

RP Sample: Unbelievable how weird it was to be here in this little town again. Weird...and probably really dumb to return, especially knowing the consequences that were included of me being back here. But I couldn't help it. I wanted something and I would get it. No matter what. And this "something" in this case was Stefan. Stefan Salvatore. Nobody was in the Boarding House as I arrived, so it was pretty easy for me to get in and look around. Let us see what Stefan and Damon have in their fridge, I'm starving, I said to myself and opened the gigantic metal thing, smiling while I took out a blood bag and ripped it open with my teeth and took a sip while I took my jacket off and threw it on the couch, while I went upstairs. I kicked open a door and my smile brightened. "Oh sweet innocent Damon. You still live here as well", I said and shook my head as I could smell the fragrance of his clothes and his leather jacket lying next to the wardrobe. I turned away and went to the next, room. Stefan's room. It was filled with books and journals and all kinds of old memories. I took a look on some of the things he wrote while I saw an old picture of me, in 1864. So you didn't forget me either, Stefan, I did not either. I hear a noise coming from outside, when I blurred downstairs and took my jacket in my hand. I had to leave before someone saw me. I would return when it was time but not now. The time would come.

Oc Information

Name: Gwen
Age: 17
Expierence in Rping: I'm on other sites as well, started this year in February
How Did You Find Us?: The wonderful staff members told me about it Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Katherine Pierce Application   Katherine Pierce Application EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 9:11 pm

Welcome To

Katherine Pierce Application Image11

Please make sure to claim your characters face Here

Also make sure you read our rules page Here. It would be kinda noticable for us if you didnt read them.

The Staff thanks you for joining our lovely site. Please remeber it's not just an ordinary site for a common thing we all share, we are also a family here and we treat each other as such.
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Katherine Pierce Application
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