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PostSubject: Nathaniel Edward Blackwell   Nathaniel Edward Blackwell EmptyWed Jun 05, 2013 7:07 pm

Basic Information

Name: Nathaniel “Nate” Blackwell
--Nickname: Nate
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 18-21
Actual Age: 600 (turned in 1428)
Species: Vampire

Personality: When Nate was a human, he was raised by two strict parents. They made sure to instill a sense of sophistication and class in all of their children. Despite this, Nate still had kind of a reckless side that he didn't really show. Because of how he carried himself for the most part, Nate seemed to be a few years older than his actual age. He was a wealthy nobleman, and this combined with his maturity as such was what attracted young girls and women to him. Nate had a strong sense of loyalty to his family. He loved his siblings, but he had an inheritance and he knew what he wanted to use it for. He wanted to see the world because he felt that more was out there. He wasn't one to just stay in and not experience anything. As a human, one of the things that Nate valued most was honesty.

As a vampire, Nate's reckless side has bought itself to the surface a bit more. This could also have a lot to do with what happened with Maria. There is also a possibility that because of the guilt of what happened with Maria that he turned off his humanity, changing the essence of who he was. He still likes to feed on humans, but most of the time after 580 odd years he has learned the art of scratch, feed, erase. Although he prefers blood warm from the vein, he is not against drinking from blood bags. He would never feed on an animal, but not because he cares about them, because he finds the taste of animal blood disgusting.

Character Background

History: Nathaniel Edward Blackwell was born on June 5, 1410 to Edward Blackwell and Agatha Adams, a couple of wealthy landowners in Europe. He had an older sister named Annabelle Lucille Blackwell and a younger brother named Joshua Wyatt Blackwell. Nate and his family were prestigious in Europe. The first 18 or so years of Nate's life was pretty much like the years of any other nobleman's son. Nate grew up as pretty much a ladies man and he carried himself with a level of maturity and sophistication that was rare for most people at the age of 18. This was also something that attracted the women to Nate.

After he turned 17, Nate left Europe to travel the world using his portion of the family inheritance, following in the footsteps of his sister somewhat who married and left Europe to travel. Sometime after he turned 18 Nate ended up in Mexico where he was seduced by a girl named Maria De La Rosa. He didn't know what it was about her but she was different from most of the other women that he'd met so far. Nathaniel was unaware of her true history however as a seductress.

Things turned out better than expected for the both of them and they eventually became engaged. Sometime during the engagement however Nate was targeted by an unknown vampire. He'd been turned a few days before their wedding. Nate tried to resist making the full transition but ended up killing and feeding on a woman that was the unfortunate one to find him.

Newly refreshed from his kill and overwhelmed by the feelings of being a new vampire, Nate returned to Maria and attempted to continue his life as normal. They were married. It is still unclear how Nate was able to successfully hide the fact that he was a vampire. Fortunately for Nate his engagement ring had been replaced with a more valuable ring that was made to match it exactly, an enchanted daylight ring. He found it after waking up from being attacked, on the ground not too far from where he lay.

A few days after they were married, Maria was in an accident. As if by instinct Nate fed Maria some of his blood which healed her. While she was recovering, a mysterious person approached Nate and informed him that he suspected Maria was the “La Rosa Raja” or the red rose. Nate confronted Maria about it. He was overly paranoid because (ironically) he thought that maybe she intended to kill him at one point for his money. Somehow, Nate ended up killing Maria with the blood in her system by accident. He was overly angry at her but he didn't mean to kill her. He felt a sense of intense grief, having no idea that she would become a vampire.

When Nate realized that Maria was now like him, he didn't care about her past as the red rose anymore, he just wanted them to be together. Maria ran away however because she was terrified over what she had become. She hated him for what happened to her and ran away. Nate hasn't seen or heard from her since that day.

Present Day........
Nathaniel has found himself in Mystic Falls, after hearing that the town has become somewhat of a haven for supernatural creatures. His history since the day that Maria ran away from him remains a bit of a mystery. Since he appears to be 18 years old, Nate has enrolled in his senior year at Mystic Falls high, to at least try and blend in with the crowd. Nate is unaware that Maria has moved to Mystic Falls, and of her identity as a Petrova doppelganger. Unknown to Nate there are also other answers awaiting him in Mystic Falls.

RP Sample: It was the first day of school. I remember so long ago that my parents had me and my siblings home schooled. Private tutors from the best of the best at the time. I thought it was the best way to blend in, and possibly a great way to get some food. After this year of school, then there would be college which sounded even better. I'd never experienced a senior year of high school before. I could have had the option but I was busy doing other things. I came here with a couple of vampire friends that wanted to pose as my family. When they heard about this place from me, they didn't hesitate in agreeing to the offer.

We bought a very nice house in Mystic Falls, but nothing too elegant. I wanted to see what it was like to like as a somewhat normal teen/young adult. Funny considering I was now in a town full of supernatural creatures. As I walked down the hall, I could sense that a couple of the other students were vampires like me, but one student in particular caught my attention. No, it couldn't have been. Her hair was long and straight, she had her back faced to me but even before she turned around I knew what she looked like. “Maria?” I said, unaware that her name was actually Elena Gilbert.

Oc Information

Name: Ed or Jei
Expierence in Rping:6 or 7 years on and off
How Did You Find Us?:by way of TVDBoundbyblood and the admins
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PostSubject: Re: Nathaniel Edward Blackwell   Nathaniel Edward Blackwell EmptyWed Jun 05, 2013 7:27 pm

ACCEPTED. Welcome to Blood Ties
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